Zero turn mower – the best tool for a large yard

Having a garden or a yard at the back of the house is a very nice feeling, but the same can’t be said when it comes to maintaining it. The grass grows at a very healthy rate due to the exceptional treatment, it receives from its owner and then in no time they have grown so much that they need to be cut or trimmed. There are many best zero turn mower for the money available in the market having great efficiency. The zero turn mower is faster and easier to handle than the traditional lawn movers making short work of the grass.

Things to be considered before buying a zero turn mower

Now, Let’s see about certain things need to be taken into consideration before purchasing the best zero turn mower for the money. We have compiled a list of factors that the buyer may take into account before buying the mean gardening machine.

  • Comfort: – Since it needs to be driven around, the comfort of the seat must be of market standard.
  • Engine design: – the engine should be powerful enough to handle the load of the machine. The vibration of the engine should be taken into consideration as well.
  • Durability: – Is the structure of the machine designed well enough to handle the load of the person operating it along with all the movements while being in operation.
  • Semi-automated cutting height: – there should be a gear or something in order to control the height of the mower so that the user doesn’t have to get down each and every time to adjust the height according to the requirement.
  • Tire width: – wider tires will increase the traction, and the machine’s equivalent is distributed over a large area.
  • User-friendly:— what type of fuels are used and if they release any toxic gas shall be taken into consideration.

Read zero turn mower reviews before your purchase

One can choose the best zero turn mower for the money by reading zero turn mower reviews and comparing what they need and what they are getting from the different products. There are many zero turn mower reviews from the people all around the world as well as from our experts which discuss the pros and cons of some of the product available in the market. The zero turn mower reviews of people on different e-commerce sites will give one a huge insight regarding the working and running of the product. There are products in the market that are faster as compared to the other but aren’t comfortable enough or some are good in all aspects but aren’t much eco-friendly. The preference of every single individual goes on to decide what product they’ll be buying.

Our Top 2 Picks

Based on the general usage of the customers and combining them with the various criteria to choose a product, we have shortlisted two zero turn mower that stands out from the rest on the basis of their sheer performance and cost-effectiveness. They have been rated highly by the experts and are constantly rated highly by the users as well.

Husqvarna MZ61 27 Mower

zero turn mower reviews

An excellent machine by one of the reputed manufacturers, this machine is very highly rated by the experts as well as by the customers. A safe and sound built, made specifically to make the mowing of the yard or the garden a walk in the park. The machine comes with a 3 blade cutting system that ensures the grass is cut with a single cut and one doesn’t need to mow a particular spot many times.

The hydrostatic gear transmission makes it easier to drive and move from one place to another at the desired speed supported by a 27 HP Briggs and Stratton endurance V-twin engine. The height of the cutting deck lift can be adjusted with the help of a pedal provided so as to minimize the human efforts. The product is always in high demand and usually out of stock.

A machine was made with the intention of taking the performance, comfort, and productivity to a whole new level and it has been rightly able to do that. It has a heavy-duty steel frame that gives it a stable structure. The user interface provided is very easy and simple to understand, enabling even low-skilled workers to operate it. The commercially rated hydraulic system gives a smooth experience while mowing the yard or the garden. The seat is made with keeping the standard sitting position of a man in mind, giving the driver a comfortable ride.

The users have usually praised the machine, but there are some problems that they face at the beginning which later on gets easier along with the regular usage. Many of them faced difficulty with the steering but were able to get on with it later on. Same goes with the skidding marks while turning in the starting on the surface which was then rectified because of different driving techniques. Since the machine is so heavy and large, it requires a hydraulic gate or a forklift to offload it from the delivering truck. The product is fully crated up on delivery, and it will easily take 3-4 hour for dismantling it. People must check for any loose nuts on the visible surface and wherever they can to nullify the effect of vibration, making the mowing smoother.

The product emerges out to be a champion among its price range and is widely recommended by many people and experts. The lifetime period of the machine is also excellent if proper care of the machine is taken by oiling it and cleaning it at regular intervals to make sure that nothing remains inside of the machine and all the parts move easily and smoothly, courtesy to enough oiling.


  • Does the job fast
  • Uphill traction
  • Deck height pedal works perfectly to overcome the occasional obstacle like toys
  • Can cut grass up to a height of 4.5 inches
  • The company gives a 4-year warranty on the product


  • No brake pedal
  • No directional control for downhill path
  • No washout connectors
  • One needs to purchase the hydraulic fluids

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Poulan Pro Riding Mower

best zero turn mower for the money

Another great machine by one of the few reputed manufacturers, this machine offers the best performance with a matching comfort level and durability. The machine is run by a Briggs v-twin pro engine of 24 HP, ensuring smooth and efficient running of the product while cutting at a great speed. It comes with an electric clutch and a fuel tank of 2.5-gallon capacity. The transmission system consists of a hydro gear EZT. The deck is reinforced by 54 inches and has a 10-year warranty on it.

There is more independence to move the machine as compared to any other one because of the dual wheel hydro transmission system, allowing the driver to control all the 4 wheels by just moving his/her hand forward or backward. Since one can easily change directions, the effective mowing time generally decreases because the time saved by changing directions usually overcomes the extra time that is caused by the slow speed of the mower. Since the machine runs for a shorter period of time as compared to the other mowers, less wear and tear takes place, making the machine last longer than others. The machine cuts the grass to the very surface which in turn eradicate the need of trimming the grass all over again as it is already cut at such a height that it gives a very clean look to the garden.

The frame isn’t very strong as compared to other machines because it is made up of thin rigid metals with a substandard welding that doesn’t match up with the industrial standard at all. Having a dimension of 35.5 x 61.5 x 78 inches and a weight of 754, along with a sleek design, making the machine look like it is the perfect thing for mowing. A 12V battery is required for starting the machine, and it comes in with the machine during the time for delivery as it is included in the package.

Coming with a 54 inch 3 bladed steel deck make sure that the grass is cut according to the user’s choice. The cutting height of the machine can be changed from 1.5 – 4 inch, as preferred by the user. It comes with a digital hour meter to quickly check the other parameters and factors of the machine like the temperature, fuel level, speed, rpm, etc.

With a warranty of 10 years on the mowing deck and a 3-year warranty, the machine is more than covered, letting the user enjoy their mowing experience without worrying much.


  • More maneuverability
  • Less mowing time due to increased cutting speed
  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • No need of trimming the garden after mowing
  • Back seat provides extra height for comfort
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy to operate and use, doesn’t require much practice to master


  • Underside of the seat is made up of plastic parts
  • Not too suitable for mowing uphill surfaces
  • A bit slower mowing speed as compared to other mowers of the same price range
  • The frame is not too strong or stable, made up of thing rigid metals

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